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The Elizabeth Leigh Company

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The Elizabeth Leigh Company


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Optimizing your business operations & marketing has never been easier as you scale up or align with the ever-changing economy. The Elizabeth Leigh Company takes strides in creating a business development plan for you that meets your goals - both big and small. Whether you're looking to create a brand, increase revenue, implement better onboarding and professional development programs, or turn your social media into a way to gain new clients, EL ownership has the background and experience to help you navigate through it. 

We offer a wide variety of services within the realm of marketing for different business, in different niches. The following are services we offer, but are not limited to:

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing | Management
  • Digital Creative Design (Graphics | Event Forms | etc.)
  • Advertising Campaigns (Online | Billboards | Radio | Events)
  • Print Marketing Design (Flyers | Mailers | Banners | Billboards | etc.)
  • Website Design
  • Search Marketing | SEO
  • Business Operations & Marketing Consulting
    • Our favorite businesses to work with are the ones that need to grow! We create all-encompassing plans for brand awareness, reach and engagements, revenue increases, and establishing relationships within the communities where they operate! That business can then choose to have us execute the strategy, or choose from their own preferred vendors to make it happen!

 We are also extremely committed to attending events and being in the businesses that we work with; whether we are capturing organic content for the business or helping with setup/teardown/socializing, we will divide and conquer to make it happen for our clients! We travel throughout the southeast annually to touch in with all of our clients and make sure we are providing the best services possible! 


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