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Uroboros Mediations, LLC

Uroboros Mediations

Uroboros Mediations, LLC


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In an age that stresses intersectionality, all professions must account for and embrace diversity in all its forms. But, as industries evolve, their cultural competence conflict will happen. This is where we can help.

Uroboros Mediations aims to service conflicts and disputes that happen personally, professionally, and organizationally. We account for the nuances of each client's unique experience and perspective to reach the best compromise. We bring professionalism and extensive procedural and judicial knowledge to every case, adapting to our client's individual needs and concerns. The mission of Uroboros Mediations, LLC is to promote social civility in a divisive world, one mediation at a time.

To learn more about Uroboros Mediations, please visit our website or follow us on our socials.

Owner and Mediator Salim Uqdah is the only Advanced Practitioner in Family and Divorce in Charlotte, an NCDRC Certified Mediator in Family Financials matters, an approved mediator for the U.S. District Court of Western District of NC, and Certified Employment Mediator for the NC Office of State Human Resources. Salim can conduct mediations in State District and Federal Court and we can conduct mediations virtually.

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The modern world seems more adversarial than ever, but that does not have to impact the relationships that are most important to you. Let Uroboros Mediations handle divorce proceedings amicably. Whether with your spouse, significant other, loved ones, relatives, or friends, we hope to assist clients in finding clarity and closure with their closest connections.


Your home is your sanctuary. Don't let the conflicts with your roommates, neighbors, homeowners associations, or landlords spoil your inner peace at your home. Let Uroboros Mediations swiftly handle these spats before you put energy into a new living arrangement, tenant or court filing. Uroboros Mediations can mediate neighbor/community disagreements, separation/cohabitation mediations, and landlord-tenants conflicts. 


Uroboros Mediations is LGBTQ Business Enterprise and is highly interested in mediating LGBTQ+ centered conflicts. Whether is a family issue that needs a certain amount of awareness or employment dispute that will impact company morale and culture; Uroboros Mediations can assist in trying to reach practical solutions that will satisfy all parties involved.


Some people live to work; others work to live. No matter what your style, no one wants to work in a hostile environment or with lingering interpersonal issues. We can help to reach a resolution before you find yourself in court. Whether you are an owner, employer, or employee, let us help with your pre-suit professional problems.


There are times in business where the scope or specifics of a contract are in dispute. Before you head to the courthouse, Uroboros Mediations can assist you. Whether it is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, pre-suit mediation may be just what you need to handle your problem.


Salim Uqdah, Owner

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