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Turn your HR Cost Center into a Revenue Driver with PuzzleHR

PuzzleHR solves HR puzzles that challenge organizations every day. Our managed HR services solutions will transform your HR department from a cost center into a revenue driver. With over 400 years of combined HR experience from HR Generalist tactics to the VP level vision and strategy, your business can leverage our experience in all matters along the HR continuum.  We customize Managed HR Solutions for every client because we know that HR in a box does not work. Our customized solutions can include Talent Acquisition, Hiring and Onboarding, Employee Engagement, Compensation Strategies, Organizational Change Management, Compliance and Risk Mitigation, Benefits Administration, Payroll Administration, Performance Management, HCM Optimization and more. All customized, created and deployed with you and for you by the experts at PuzzleHR.   


  1. Win over talent from your competitors. Win over the best talent with better compensation, benefits, opportunities, and a more attractive workplace.
  2. Retain your top producers. Figure out what will make top performers stay and create a strategy to keep them at your organization.
  3. Pay for performance. Create an incentive program directly tied to profitability. Whether that is a bonus program or profit-sharing program, it should produce performance gains.
  4. Be selective. Be choosy with your benefits offerings. Select benefits that matter most to your top talent. You may administer 20 different benefits when just 5 are used and valued.
  5. Incorporate drivers of revenue into performance management. Understand the drivers of revenue in your organization and make sure those are measured in the performance evaluation process.
  6. Train smarter. Conduct a training needs assessment to prioritize and identify critical training needs across the organization. Use high quality training methods that lead to behavior change.
  7. Track ROI. Link wellness to health insurance usage; training to performance improvement; engagement to profitability gains. Showing ROI helps build a business case for HR and reinforces its value.
  8. Implement time-saving systems. Digitize HR data and record retention. Make it easy for employees and managers to access and use the information you collect so that they can focus on producing results.
  9. Identify obstacles to revenue generation. Lead performance improvement efforts, suggestion and feedback programs, and other means to help identify opportunities to increase revenue.
  10. Plan your workforce. Understand your organization's areas of growth and ensure that you are stacking those areas with top talent. Workplace planning prioritizes hiring needs.
  11. Save on staffing. Hiring is arguably one of your most expensive HR areas. Reduce your cost per hire by taking advantage of staffing service discounts and using creative, inexpensive sourcing methods.

Businesses that partner with PuzzleHR drive revenue and results in their organizations and take advantage of opportunities to save their organizations money wherever possible.  They identify opportunities to build up their top revenue producers, and simply manage HR smarter and more efficiently.

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Business Hours : Call anytime Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm David- 813-205-2760


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