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Cabrera-Williams Consulting Inc.

Cabrera-Williams Consulting Inc.



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Cabrera-Williams Consulting Inc. is a diversity, equity, and inclusion company led by queer, married power couple Adrian Williams (they/them) and Dr. Jessica Cabrera (she/her). Adrian and Jessica started their careers in higher education. They saw the negative impacts of toxic work environments on individuals and their psychological well-being, as well as on the production of research, knowledge, and policy, which affects everyday communities. 

Their mission is to work with academic, research, government, and policy organizations to assess and remedy workplace harms. They want to help people understand that harm is created both by sociological processes as well as individual actions. They want to shift the responsibility of healing from individuals (i.e., self-care) to community leaders (i.e., community care).  

They use qualitative research to assess workplace climate and provide recommendations for how leadership can change for the better. Adrian and Jessica also provide trainings on various social justice issues, as well as public speaking services on areas of expertise like Title IX.


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